Providing information and data is an important part of the ACNC's role. In addition to information about charities on the Charity Register, the information about the charity sector in the Charities Report, and ACNC datasets at, we want to provide information and data about the ACNC's services.

Here we present data that provides insights into important elements of our work:

  • registering charities and revoking the registrations of charities, and
  • providing a website with necessary and useful information and resources for charities and the public.

Number of charities

One of the ACNC's primary functions is to register organisations as charities. We also revoke the registrations of charities when they are no longer entitled to registration or no longer want to be registered. While this results in a total number of charities that constantly changes, we have seen a steady rise in the number over the past few years.


  • The total number of charities reported here is taken at the beginning of each month. The figure represents the total number of charities at that moment.
  • Periodically we run processes to identify charities that failed to submit necessary Annual Information Statements and we revoke their registrations. These processes generally result in larger numbers of charities having their registrations revoked in a single month than ordinarily seen in regular months.

ACNC Charity Register searches

The following graphs show the use of the ACNC Charity Register.

The graphs measure 'unique pageviews' of Charity Register results. This refers to the number of times that users visited a Charity Register page. It is not a reflection of the unique users of the Charity Register; rather, it shows the unique views of the content contained in the Charity Register.

ACNC website views

The ACNC website contains extensive information and resources for charities and the public and is viewed millions of times a year. The data here provides an insight into the use of the ACNC website and, importantly, the Charity Register with its wealth of information about Australia's registered charities.

The following graphs show the use of the ACNC website over the past three years. It includes the use of the website so far in 2021.

The graphs measure 'unique pageviews'. This means a session during which a page of the website was viewed by a user at least once. It is not a reflection of the number of unique users of the website; rather, it shows the number of unique views of the website's content.