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Orange Sky Australia

Founders of Orange Sky Limited
Founded by Lucas Patchett and Nic Marchesi, Orange Sky Australia was the world’s first free mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness. It now has more than 30 vans across Australia and New Zealand, and over 1200 volunteers which it manages with software it built for itself.

“We couldn’t find anything on the market that suited what we needed. So we thought, let’s do it ourselves,” Lucas says. “We knew someone who did some development work so we engaged him first on a volunteer basis and he quickly built our first software management tool. It was a game-changer and made the next few years of growth possible.”

For further information about Orange Sky Australia, or to get in contact, please visit the charity’s page on the ACNC Charity Register.

Woman looking at a computer screen
From its early days 50 years ago, Suncare Community Services has evolved to provide supports for aged persons and those living with disability and mental health challenges. CEO Russell Mason says since 2015, it has embarked on a major digital transformation journey, with new programs to get the elderly online and a dashboard that allows the Board to make real-time data-based decisions.

“At any point in time our staff, and the Board, can all actually know how many staff we have, how many casuals, permanents, what shifts they’re on, where they’re actually going, what the costs are, what the finances look like on a day to day basis,” he says.

For further information about Suncare Community Services, or to get in contact, please visit the charity’s page on the ACNC Charity Register.