In line with our risk-based regulatory approach, we regularly reviews financial information provided by charities in their Annual Information Statement (AIS). For some medium and large charities, we also review the quality of annual financial reports (AFR).

These reviews ensure that:

  • charities are providing correct financial information in their AIS
  • AFRs are meeting the ACNC’s legislative requirements
  • the public (including donors) can view accurate information on registered charities.

We use these reviews to improve each edition of the AIS to reduce error rates. We also use these reviews to refine and improve our education and guidance, ensuring information provided by charities on the Charity Register is accurate and accessible.

Reports from previous years' Annual Information Statements

This report looks at charities’ reporting during the 2017 reporting period.

Read the full report.

This report explains the trends and errors identified in charities’ 2016 Annual Information Statements, as well as examining the ACNC's work in reducing error rates.

This report examined and analysed the data provided by charities in their 2015 Annual Information Statements. It focussed on the errors found in this data, how the ACNC identified the errors and what we will do to prevent them occurring in the future.

This detailed report aims to explain some of the material issues/errors identified and the results of this compliance activity in relation to the 2014 financial reporting period.