2018 Group Annual Information Statement

The 2018 Group Annual Information Statement (AIS) can only be used if you are submitting the AIS for multiple charities as part of a pre-approved ACNC reporting group.

Charities notify the ACNC of changes to the governing document or Responsible People in the Charity Portal. The new Charity Portal allows individuals to log in with their own email address and update the details of charities for which they are an authorised contact.

While you're filling out the 2018 Group AIS, make sure you follow the instructions, including the comments in the column headings. When you're done, send the completed Group AIS, along with a financial report (if required), to reporting@acnc.gov.au.

If you are submitting one or more financial reports with the Group AIS, see our information about specific group reporting conditions as well as financial report requirements and a checklist to help you.