The ACNC is the national charity regulator in Australia.

We have information and advice to help you find registered charities, and make an informed decision about which charities to support.

Did you know?

The ACNC Charity Register contains information about Australia's registered charities. You can search for information about a charity's programs, beneficiaries, locations and more.

Helping charities

This information is designed to help you decide how to support a registered charity, either by donating or volunteering.

Australian Charities Report

Learn more about the characteristics, activities and purpose of Australia’s charities. The Charities Report is comprehensive record of the sector, produced from the latest data from charity Annual Information Statements.

Registered Charity Tick

The Registered Charity Tick aims to gives reassurance to the public that the charity is transparent and accountable and listed on the ACNC Charity Register.

Research and data

We collect data from charities when they register, update their details, submit their Annual Information Statements, and in the course of our own research activities. We recognise that this data is valuable to other researchers and to the sector, and make it available through datasets published on

Raise a concern about a charity

We take concerns about registered charities seriously. We review all concerns raised with us, investigate where appropriate and refer concerns to other agencies if needed.

Other regulators and peak bodies

Other government agencies are also involved in charity regulation - for example state and territory governments regulate fundraising, and the ATO is responsible for charity tax concessions. Peak bodies also play an important role in supporting Australia's charity sector.