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Benefits of registration

Access to charity tax concessions and other benefits

Registered charities can:

There are some additional concessions and benefits that may be available to some charities, including:

Publicly confirming registration by the national regulator

Registered charities can:

  • display the Tick of Charity Registration on documents (such as on the charity's letterhead, emails and website) to publicly demonstrate your charity’s ACNC registration
  • have a free online presence on the ACNC Charity Register where the public, potential donors and funding agencies can find out information about them.

Reducing the regulatory burden on charities

We work with other government agencies and stakeholders to reduce red tape for charities, including by aligning regulatory requirements for registered charities to streamline reporting requirements.

Read more about red tape reduction.

Exemptions from requirements under Commonwealth laws

Registered charities may be exempt from certain requirements under Commonwealth laws if they engage in the following activities:

  • playing sound recordings – registered charities may be permitted to play sound recordings in a club or guesthouse without breaching copyright
  • making unsolicited calls – registered charities can contact numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register
  • sending unsolicited emails – registered charities can send unsolicited (spam) emails, but they still need to include their contact details
  • broadcasting – registered charities may be permitted to retransmit a broadcasting service if they are providing retransmission services for the purpose of obtaining or improving reception within certain communities
  • discrimination – registered charities may be exempt from breaching discrimination law if they are acting according to their governing rules, which allows them to provide charitable benefits to persons with a particular protected attribute (for example, disability, age or sex).