Benefits of registration

Access to charity tax concessions and other benefits

Registered charities can:

Publicly confirming registration by the national regulator

Registered charities can:

  • display the Tick of Charity Registration on documents (such as letterhead, emails and a website) to demonstrate to the public and others your charity’s registration with us
  • have a free online presence on the ACNC Charity Register where the public, potential donors and funding agencies can find out information about them

Additional benefits for some types of charities

Charitable companies limited by guarantee

If your company limited by guarantee is registered with ASIC and also registered with the ACNC:

  • you no longer have to pay ASIC filing fees, including the annual review fee
  • reporting to the ACNC instead of ASIC (once ACNC financial reporting obligations start, from the 2013–2014 reporting period onwards) means more generous reporting size thresholds. The ACNC thresholds are based on revenue alone and disregard consideration of DGR status. For example, a charity with $245 000 in annual revenue and DGR status would be considered medium under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (and would need to have an audit or review), but would be considered small under the ACNC Act (and would not require an audit or review, as they are exempt from providing financial reports)
  • charities registered with the ACNC are not required to prepare a directors’ report. This may reduce the cost of an audit of a charity, as the auditor is no longer required to review the directors’ report to check for inconsistencies with the audited financial report.

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Reducing the regulatory burden on charities

We work with other government agencies and stakeholders to reduce red tape for charities, including by aligning regulatory requirements for registered charities to streamline reporting requirements.

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