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Australian Charities Reports

The ACNC analyses data charities provide via the Annual Information Statement to produce the annual Australian Charities Report, analysing the contribution registered charities make to communities and the Australian economy.

ACNC Reports

The ACNC produces a range of reports about our regulatory activities including data integrity work, reporting errors, and compliance reviews and reports. We also prepare reports on specific topics using Australian Charities Report data.

Data sets on

The ACNC collects data from charities when they register with us, update their details and submit their Annual Information Statements. We may also collect data in the course of our own research activities.

We recognise that this data is valuable to other researchers and to the sector, and make it available through datasets published on

Charity Passport

The ACNC Charity Passport enables authorised government agencies to access ACNC charity data. This helps to reduce red tape for charities by minimising the amount of information that charities must provide to different government agencies.

This is in line with our 'report once, use often' reporting framework.

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