We hold regular webinars covering topics relevant to registered charities and the wider not-for-profit sector. Our free webinars are interactive and are designed to provide charities with information and guidance to help them operate effectively, avoid pitfalls or comply with requirements.

How to participate in an ACNC webinar

We use third-party software called GoToWebinar. You can participate from your computer or your mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

If you are going to use your phone or tablet to join one of our webinars, you might need to download the free GoToWebinar app, available from all app stores. You can download the GoToWebinar app for Android, Apple or Windows.

To register for a webinar, click the 'Register' link for the webinar you want to join.

You will be taken to the GoToWebinar website to complete the registration. It only takes a minute.

Feedback, questions or comments?

Please get in touch with us at education@acnc.gov.au to provide any feedback, ask a question or let us know about your webinar experience.

Upcoming webinars


Gaining and retaining charity registration with the ACNC

Our September webinar will explore how the ACNC helps organisations seeking registration as charities, as well as how we work to ensure charities retain their right to registration. We will look at some of the things organisations should be aware of before applying for charity registration, as well as practical tips to avoid common issues we see that can delay charities' registration applications. The webinar will also look at some of the work the ACNC does to ensure existing charities remain eligible for registration.

What you can do to protect your charity from fraud

October is Charity Fraud Awareness Month, and our webinar will look at fraud threats that charities may face as well provide plenty of guidance on the ways charities can protect themselves against fraud.

Completed webinars



Changes to charity size and reporting thresholds

Our February webinar examined in detail recently-announced changes to charity size and reporting thresholds which will come into effect in coming months.

The changes will soon see thousands of charities re-classified - particularly from medium-sized to small - with their reporting obligations to the ACNC to change so they more appropriately match the size of their operations. Our webinar looked at the changes and what they mean for your charity.



Welcoming new Responsible People to your charity

With many charities holding AGMs and welcoming new board or committee members, our September webinar looked at how to properly induct new Responsible People, as well as emphasising the vital role they have in a charity's governance.

The webinar provided practical guidance and tips for successful charity induction programs, and examined ACNC Governance Standard 5 - the Standard which establishes the key duties for Responsible People.

The pandemic: its impact on people, and what we can do

Our August webinar was co-presented with The Xfactor Collective. We looked at research and work from The Xfactor Collective focussing on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on charities and their people.

The webinar brought together specialist knowledge to help charities understand these impacts and provided practical and meaningful ways for charity leaders to support the wellbeing of the people involved in their charity.