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As part of the Australian government’s deregulation agenda, the ACNC is required to report on our performance as a regulator.

Since 1 July 2021, we have reported on our performance against three principles of regulator best practice:

  1. Continuous improvement and building trust: regulators adopt a whole-of-system perspective, continuously improving their performance, capability and culture to build trust and confidence in Australia’s regulatory settings.
  2. Risk based and data driven: regulators manage risks proportionately and maintain essential safeguards while minimising regulatory burden, and leveraging data and digital technology to support those they regulate to comply and grow.
  3. Collaboration and engagement: regulators are transparent and responsive communicators, implementing regulations in a modern and collaborative way.

Our performance is be included in the ACNC’s Annual Report (starting from the 2021-22 Annual Report).

Regulator Performance Framework

Prior to 1 July 2021, the ACNC was required to report based on the Regulator Performance Framework. This frame work was designed to drive cultural change in ‘the way regulators administer regulations’ (their regulatory approach).

It consisted of six ‘outcomes-based key performance indicators’ that articulated the government’s overarching expectations of regulator performance.

The ACNC developed a set of measures (metrics) that were used to evaluate our performance against this framework on an annual basis through self-assessment.

The results of this assessment were validated by an external consultative body approved by the Assistant Treasurer.

The first reporting cycle to which the Regulator Performance Framework applied was the 2015-16 financial year.

You can see Regulator Performance Framework reports (up until the 2020-21 financial year) below.