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Our vision, created by ACNC staff, ensures we all come together as One ACNC to deliver on our objects. We do this through our shared purpose in an environment where people belong, are supported and connected, and aspire to continuously evolve.

These traits, along with the underpinning ‘we will’ statements, represent a culture of learning, growth, service, innovation, collaboration, and psychological safety. And these traits, along with the upholding of APS Values, ensure our people have the greatest opportunity to perform at their best every day.

Our Regulatory Approach Statement and Stakeholder Engagement Framework, both of which are underpinned by ACNC’s values, remain fundamental to our ongoing success in engaging with and regulating the sector.

To achieve our vision of working as one ACNC we will come together to meet our objectives as the national regulator of charities.

To do so, our people will be open, friendly, supportive, bring an element of fun and together will continue to build a culture we are proud of and make the ACNC an even better place to work.

We come together with a shared purpose to achieve our organisational goals by making meaningful contributions to the whole of government, the charities sector, and the Australian community each and every day.

We will provide guidance to the sector, strive for service excellence, and display empathy in our interactions.

We aspire to be continually evolving to build our services and capabilities through pursuing consistent, regular, and lasting changes with a future-oriented mindset.

We seek to learn and grow by identifying lessons learned and being curious about new ways of working. We will share our innovations with others to create efficiencies and improvements.

We all contribute to a supported and connected workplace in our interactions and ways of working and will intentionally build relationships to encourage effective cross-team collaboration.

We trust our people, lead by example, recognise excellence, and communicate frequently and transparently.

We cultivate an environment where all people belong and can be their authentic selves at work. We celebrate and champion inclusion, listen deeply, engage meaningfully, and lead with empathy.

We prioritise wellbeing, psychological safety, and empower our people to speak up and respectfully express their perspectives.

In engaging with and regulating the charity sector in accordance with our Regulatory Approach Statement, we are committed to:

  • informing, educating, consulting, collaborating in accordance with our Stakeholder Engagement Framework
  • enhancing the visibility and accountability of charities by providing the highest quality information about charities to the public
  • providing guidance to charities to reach a high standard of governance and to help get them back on track when non-compliant
  • helping applicants to reach the required standards for registration as a charity
  • using data and insights to inform our decisions.

We recognise the importance of a good organisational culture and take joint responsibility for sustaining it.