The Registered Charity Tick helps charities to promote their registration and presence on the ACNC Charity Register. It is also a way for donors and the public to easily identify registered charities.

We encourage charities to display the Tick to publicly promote their registration and commitment to transparency and accountability.

Charity Tick Example

Who can use the Registered Charity Tick?

Only registered charities can display the Registered Charity Tick.

A registered charity can use the Charity Tick on its website, signs, collection tins, letters, brochures and anywhere else it wants to display its registration.

We also encourage charities to link the Tick to their listing on the ACNC's Charity Register where possible. Doing so allows donors to easily go to the Charity Register to check the charity’s details and see its programs and other information.

We encourage members of the public to look up charities’ details on the Charity Register before donating. It has a wealth of information about charities’ operations.

Who can’t use the Registered Charity Tick?

Charities that are not registered with the ACNC cannot use the Registered Charity Tick.

A registered charity that wants to use the Tick must:

If a registered charity has not submitted its required Annual Information Statements, or is the subject of an enforcement power published on the Charity Register, it will not be allowed to download the Charity Tick.

Where can charities get the Tick?

Registered charities that meet the requirements can download the Registered Charity Tick in the ACNC Charity Portal.

To download the Tick, click on your charity’s name under ‘Select a Charity’. Then click on ‘Registered Charity Tick’.

Misuse of the Tick

The ACNC will monitor the use of the Registered Charity Tick, and we will act to prevent its misuse (for example, where an organisation falsely presents itself as a registered charity).

If you have concerns about an organisation’s use of the Registered Charity Tick, please email us at