The ACNC has a number of official forms which help charities complete a variety of tasks related to good governance, complying with ACNC Governance Standards and fulfilling reporting requirements.

Charities may have to submit forms in order to notify the ACNC of changes or fulfil reporting requirements. Note that the ACNC does not charge a fee for organisations to submit these forms.

We also have forms that we use to officially communicate with charities, as well as a form which can be used to raise concerns about charities.

Many of these forms are available by logging into the ACNC Charity Portal. However, a number are able to be downloaded in PDF form from this page.

Online forms

Our forms are available through the Charity Portal. Charities can access these forms by logging in and following the links there.

These forms include:

  • Annual Information Statements - 2017 and 2018 Annual Information Statement forms can be accessed and completed through the Charity Portal. All registered charities must submit an Annual Information Statement each year to comply with ACNC reporting obligations.
  • Charity registration application - This form must be completed if you want to apply to have your organisation registered as a charity. The ACNC website has more information on applying for registration as a charity.
  • Change primary contact - This form allows charities to formally update the details of their organisation's primary contact - the person the ACNC will contact when we need to discuss official charity business. A primary contact can be drawn from a charity's list of Responsible Persons, or may be another key position-holder in the charity.
  • Request to withhold information - Charities can use this form to apply to have certain information withheld from appearing on their page of the ACNC Charity Register. The ACNC website has more on withholding information from the Charity Register.
  • Request a substituted accounting period - The standard ACNC reporting period is the financial year, 1 July to 30 June. Charities that use a different accounting period can use this form to request a substituted accounting period for their ACNC reporting.
  • Change legal name and governing document - If a charity makes alterations to its legal name (its formal name as it appears on legal or other official documents) or governing documents (such as its constitution, rules or trust deed), it must notify the ACNC and provide information about the changes - including a copy of its new governing document.
  • Charity registration revocation - Before winding up your charity, you should request voluntary revocation of your charity's registration with the ACNC through this form. You must explain why you want registration revoked, and the ACNC will consider a number of factors when deciding, such as whether your charity has met its reporting obligations.
  • Add Responsible Persons - Charities can add Responsible Persons to their Charity Portal listing through this form. A Charity Portal user can remove one of their charity’s Responsible Persons, or change the position that a Responsible Person currently holds within the charity.
  • Change charity subtype - When your charity was registered with the ACNC, it would have been registered with at least one ‘subtype’ - a category that reflects a charity's purposes. If you want to apply for a new charity subtype - or to remove a current one - you can do so through this form.
  • Change Address For Service - This form allows your charity to alter its Address For Service - the official contact point through which the ACNC will send a charity all correspondence. This can be an email address, or a physical or postal address.
  • Provide your charity' annual report - Your charity can use this form to provide its latest annual report.

PDF forms

A number of the ACNC's forms are available for download as PDF documents.

Raising a concern about a charity

Members of the public can use our online form to raise a concern about a charity.

alert icon Please read our guidance on raising concerns with the ACNC to see if it is an issue we can deal with, and to access the form.