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The ACNC has several official forms to allow charities to notify us of changes, complete reporting requirements and make requests.

Most ACNC forms are submitted online through the Charity Portal, but some requests or notifications must be completed on a separate PDF form.

Note: We do not charge fees for submitting forms.

Online forms

Most forms are online in the Charity Portal.

You can access these forms by signing in to the Charity Portal, clicking on your charity's name, then selecting the relevant online form from one of three categories:

  • Manage reporting
  • Manage people
  • Manage other charity details

  • Annual Information Statement – Each year, your charity must submit an Annual Information Statement. You can also amend your charity's past Annual Information Statements if required.
  • Request a substituted accounting period – If your charity wants to change its reporting period, you need to request a substituted accounting period in the online form.
  • Upload an annual report – You can upload a copy of your charity’s annual report in the online form, and it will appear on the Charity Register. Please note that an annual report is different to an annual financial report, which is uploaded as part of the Annual Information Statement and is mandatory for medium and large charities.

  • Add Responsible Person – You must add any new Responsible People (e.g. board or committee members, trustees) after they are appointed.
  • Add Authorised Person – You can also add an Authorised Person, so they can access the Charity Portal to make changes or report on behalf of your charity.

If a Responsible or Authorised Person leaves your charity, you can remove them by clicking on their name in the list of your charity's current Responsible or Authorised People and entering the end date for their role.

  • Change Address For Service – Your charity can update its physical or email Address For Service in the online form.
  • Change legal name and governing document – You can use this form to:
    • update your charity’s legal name
    • notify us that your charity has updated or amended its governing document and to upload the new copy.
    • Note: If you change your charity's legal name, you will need provide a copy of the updated governing document with the new legal name.
  • Change charity subtype – Your charity can add or remove one of its charity subtypes to reflect its current charitable purposes.
  • Change your charity's programs – You can use this form to add, remove or edit the information about your charity's programs that appears on its Charity Register page.
  • Apply to have information withheld from the Charity Register – Your charity can request to have certain information withheld from the Charity Register.
  • Apply to revoke charity registration – You can use this form to request that the ACNC revokes your charity’s registration.
  • View or update charity details – You can update your charity's:
    • address
    • primary phone number
    • email
    • website
    • other names it might be known by (not the formal legal name of the charity).

Note: Updating your charity's address or email in this section is not the same as updating its official Address For Service.

PDF forms

Some requests or notifications need to be made on the appropriate approved PDF form:

Signing PDF forms

ACNC forms presented as PDFs need to be signed before being emailed to the ACNC.

PDF forms can be signed electronically using common software applications. For more information, see these external links:

Raise a concern about a charity

You can use our online form to raise a concern about a charity.

Before you submit a concern to the ACNC, you should try contacting the charity directly to see if the issue can be resolved.

You should also read about what the ACNC can investigate to see if your concern is one the ACNC can attempt to address.

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