The ACNC has a number of official forms for a charity to notify of changes, complete reporting requirements and make requests.

Note: We do not charge any fees for submitting forms.

Most forms are online in the Charity Portal. You will find them in 3 categories:

submit ais icon Manage Reporting

Annual Information Statement – Submit the Annual Information Statement. All registered charities must submit an Annual Information Statement each year.

Request a substituted accounting period - The standard ACNC reporting period is the financial year, 1 July to 30 June. Apply to use a different reporting period with this form.

Upload an annual report – Upload a copy of your charity’s annual report with this form. (Note that this is different to an annual financial report which is uploaded as part of the Annual Information Statement and is mandatory for medium and large charities.)

responsible persons icon Manage People

Add Responsible Person – Use this form to add a Responsible Person. (Note that you remove a Responsible Person by simply clicking on their name already listed in the Portal then adding an 'end date' to their time as a Responsible Person.)

Change primary contact – A primary contact is the person the ACNC will contact to discuss matters about your charity.

Add Authorised Person – An Authorised Person is someone with the authority to sign or submit documents on behalf of your charity.

register new charity icon Manage Charity Details

Change Address For Service - The Address For Service is the where the ACNC will send a charity correspondence. This can be an email address, physical address or a postal address.

Change legal name and governing document – Use this form to:

  • update your charity’s legal name (the name as it appears on legal or other official documents) or
  • notify us that your charity has updated or amended its governing document (constitution, rules or trust deed) and to upload the new copy.

Change charity subtype - When a charity is registered with the ACNC, it is registered with at least one ‘subtype’ - a category that reflects a charity's purposes. Use this form to either apply for a new subtype , or to remove a current one.

Apply to have information withheld from the Charity Register - Use this form to apply to have certain information withheld from the Charity Register. (Note that we can only withhold information for certain specific reasons. Read more about the legitimate reasons for having information withheld from the Charity Register.)

Revoke charity registration – Use this form to request that the ACNC revokes your charity’s registration.

View or update charity details – Use this page within the Portal to view or update your charity’s:

  • address (not the ‘Address For Service’)
  • primary phone number
  • email (not the email used as the ‘Address For Service’)
  • website
  • other names it might be known by (not the formal legal name of the charity).

PDF forms

The ACNC also has a number of tasks that can only be completed with a PDF form:

Raising a concern about a charity

Use our online form to raise a concern about a charity.

alert icon Please read our guidance on raising concerns with the ACNC to decide whether your concern is one that the ACNC can attempt to address.