The 2020 Bulk Annual Information Statement should be used if you need to submit the Annual Information Statement for 10 or more charities at once (for example, if you are a corporate trustee administering multiple trusts, or an administration office for multiple religious charities).

There have been some changes to the information we seek from charities through the 2020 Bulk Annual Information Statement.

Some information collected in previous years - including charities' street addresses and primary contacts, as well information about changes in charities' activities - are not being collected in the 2020 Bulk Annual Information Statement.

There are however more detailed questions on charity programs - the activities and services a charity runs to achieve its charitable purposes for its beneficiaries. These questions cover:

  • The program's name
  • The type of work the program does
  • The program's beneficiaries - who it aims to help
  • The location of the program - where it operates
  • A website link with information about the program (if there is one)

Please ensure that you follow the instructions in the Bulk Annual Information Statement form, including the comments in the column headings. When you're done, send the completed Bulk Annual Information Statement to

Upload your charities’ financial reports (if required) via the file transfer protocol (FTP) process if you have been issued access (note that the file name of each financial report must start with the ABN of the charity it is from).

If you did not receive an email to access the FTP process, please send your financial reports to

If you need to update the details of individual charities, the ACNC Charity Portal allows individuals to log in with their own email address and update the details of charities for which they are an authorised contact.

Download Form 3A: Change of Responsible Person bulk lodgement if you need to update the Responsible People's details for 10 or more charities at once.

Email the completed form to the ACNC via