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The 2022 Bulk Annual Information Statement is to be used if you need to submit Annual Information Statements for 10 or more charities at once.

An example might be if you are a corporate trustee administering multiple trusts, or an administration office for multiple religious charities.

Changes to the 2022 Bulk Annual Information Statement

There have been several important changes to the 2022 Bulk Annual Information Statement.

Charity size

Charity size thresholds have changed for the reporting periods starting from the 2022 Annual Information Statement:

  • Small charities are those with annual revenue under $500,000
  • Medium charities are those with annual revenue of $500,000 or more, but under $3 million
  • Large charities are those with annual revenue of $3 million or more

Key management personnel remuneration

Large size charities are required to disclose key management personnel remuneration (unless your charity is a basic religious charity or has only one remunerated individual key management personnel member).

The new questions are from Column O to Q under the 'Finance' worksheet.

Description of assets and liabilities

Small charities that use cash accounting can provide a short written description of their assets and liabilities in Column AY under the 'Finance' worksheet.

This description can be as brief or as detailed as your charity wishes it to be.

Fundraisers in New South Wales

Charities that fundraise in New South Wales now benefit from a streamlined reporting arrangement.

Complete the new question in Column AB under the ‘Fundraising’ worksheet if applicable.

How to submit

Please ensure that you follow the instructions in the Bulk Annual Information Statement form, including the comments in the column headings.

Send the completed Bulk Annual Information Statement to

Upload your charities’ financial reports (if required) via the file transfer protocol (FTP) process if you have been issued access (note that the file name of each charity's financial report must start with the charity's ABN).

If you did not receive an email to access the FTP process, please send the financial reports to

If submitting one or more financial reports, refer to our information about financial report requirements. This includes our useful financial reporting checklist.

Updating an individual charity's details

Log in to the ACNC Charity Portal to update the details of an individual charity.

To update the details of Responsible People for 10 or more charities at once, use Form 3A: Change of Responsible Person (bulk lodgement). Send the completed form to