When your charity was registered with the ACNC, it would have been registered with at least one ‘subtype’ - a category that reflects a charity's purposes. Charities can have more than one subtype.

If you log into the ACNC Charity Portal, you will be able to see your charity’s subtype.

As your charity develops and changes, its focus and purpose may also change. If this happens, you may need to change the subtypes with which your charity is registered.

Change to your charity's subtypes

If you want to apply for a new charity subtype - or to remove a current one - you can do so through the Charity Portal.

From the Charity Portal homepage, select the charity for which you want to make the change. Once you have selected the right charity, click the link 'Change charity subtype'. This will take you to an online form to complete.

If your charity's purposes have changed, this needs to be reflected in its governing document. Before approving any changes to a charity's subtypes, the ACNC will need to see evidence of the change. Changes to a charity's subtypes will not appear on the ACNC Charity Register until they have been formally approved.