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Melbourne VIC 3000
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24 January 2018
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31 December 2020
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In 2016-2017, the activities of the History Council of Victoria (HCV) encouraged greater understanding and awareness of history. As the peak body for history in Victoria, the HCV provides a reference point for an understanding of history through its website and public activities. The HCV brings together the major bodies relating to (A) history and heritage in Victoria (Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Museums Australia (Vic), Professional Historians Association (Vic), Heritage Council of Victoria, Museums Victoria, National Trust of Australia Victoria, State Library Victoria and Public Record Office Victoria, (B) the history teaching profession (via the History Teachers Association of Victoria, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and the state governments Department of Education and Training), (C) the media (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and (D) the universities which teach history (currently, Monash University and Victoria University). For general audiences, the HCV organised its Annual Lecture (20 Oct 2016) with support from Old Treasury Building and as part of the annual History Week. Dr Anna Clark, (University of Technology Sydney) lectured on Locating the Past: Place and Historical Consciousness in Australia.For higher education and general audiences, the HCV collaborated with Monash University, State Library Victoria and Old Treasury Building on Making Public Histories, a seminar series led by academic and professional historians. The seminars were: The Role of History Today: in our cities, our institutions and our communities (Aug 2016); Bread and stones: historians using and preserving digital sources (Nov 2016); Performing Refugee History: Voices from Contemporary Australia, (Mar 2017); Reinterpreting Heritage Houses: Re-imagining Rippon Lea (May 2017); and Making Digital Aural History: Australian Lives: An Intimate History (Jun 2017).For schools, the HCV delivered the History Roadshow to Year 11 and 12 VCE students and their teachers in regional Victoria. A grant from the state Department of Education and Trainings Strategic Partnerships Program supported the program. With involvement from leading historians in fields related to the students curriculum, the Roadshow visited Leongatha, Bendigo, Ballarat, Sale, Geelong and Shepparton regional cities that serve as hubs for large numbers of schools.For students in Years 9 and 10, the HCV sponsored the Historical Fiction Competition organised by the History Teachers Association of Victoria.The Board revised the rules for the association and its Board Charter.A three-year term was introduced for all Board members. Several memberorganisations appointed new representatives. To broaden its support base, the HCV prepared to launch a Friends program.The HCV communicates via its website, an E-news bulletin and social media. The HCVs annual report on activities during 2016-2017 is available online: http://www.historycouncilvic.org.au

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Financial Report 2020 31 December 2020 Not yet submitted
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Annual Information Statement 2014 31 January 2015 20 January 2015
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Governing Document 15 January 2017 Download


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Advancing education 1 January 2014
Advancing culture 1 January 2014
2012 Another purpose beneficial to the community 3 December 2012 31 December 2013

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3 December 2012 Registered

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