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Po Box 3061
Newstead QLD 4006
Address For Service email
Charity Size
Who the charity helps
Youth - 15 to under 25
Victims of disaster
Victims of crime (including family violence)
Veterans and/or their families
Unemployed persons
Pre/post release offenders and/or their families
People with disabilities
People with chronic illness (including terminal illness)
People in rural/regional/remote communities
People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
People at risk of homelessness/ people experiencing homelessness
Other charities
Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers
General community in Australia
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex persons
Financially disadvantaged people
Early childhood - aged under 6
Children - aged 6 to under 15
Adults - aged 65 and over
Adults - aged 25 to under 65
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Date established
Last reported
3 December 2020
Next report due
31 December 2021
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Summary of activities

GIVIT is a national not-for-profit organisation matching public and corporate generosity with genuine need. As at November 2020, GIVIT supports more than 3,800 charity and community groups across Australia, ensuring they have the items needed for the people they support. 2,456,052 items have already been received by Australians in need since GIVIT was established in 2009. Through its website givit.org.au, charities request essential, quality items or services for their clients. GIVIT matches requests received with items donated by generous public and corporate donors, ensuring our most vulnerable residents receive exactly what they need, when they need it most. GIVIT's service is free for community organisations and charities Australia wide. GIVIT’s unique online warehouse eliminates the need for charities and government agencies to store, sort and dispose of unwanted items, saving valuable time and resources. There are no unsolicited donations or warehousing requirements, which can present a major administrative and financial burden especially following large emergencies. During times of disaster and emergency, GIVIT works in partnership with the Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victorian Governments to support local councils, recovery agencies and community services to manage all offers of goods and services. Donors are encouraged to pledge their donations online and GIVIT matches these offers with the immediate and long term needs of people impacted by the event. GIVIT also manages financial appeals on behalf of government where 100% of funds received are used to purchase items to assist people to get back on their feet. GIVIT is committed, wherever possible, to purchase from local suppliers in order to assist in the economic recovery of affected communities.

Charity programs

Program name Classification
Indigenous Support Program Community service organisations
National Domestic and Family Violence Program Community service organisations
Digital Inclusion Program Community service organisations
Bushfire Relief Community service organisations
COVID-19 Support Program Community service organisations

Financials & Documents

Annual reporting

Title Due Date Date received Download
Financial Report 2021 31 December 2021 Pending
Annual Information Statement 2021 31 December 2021 Not yet submitted
Financial Report 2020 31 January 2021 3 December 2020
Annual Information Statement 2020 31 January 2021 3 December 2020
Financial Report 2019 31 January 2020 4 December 2019
Annual Information Statement 2019 31 January 2020 4 December 2019
Financial Report 2018 31 March 2019 11 February 2019
Annual Information Statement 2018 31 March 2019 11 February 2019
Financial Report 2017 31 January 2018 10 November 2017
Annual Information Statement 2017 31 January 2018 10 November 2017
Financial Report 2016 31 January 2017 1 December 2016
Annual Information Statement 2016 31 January 2017 1 December 2016
Financial Report 2015 31 January 2016 10 December 2015
Annual Information Statement 2015 31 January 2016 10 December 2015
Financial Report 2014 31 January 2015 11 November 2014
Annual Information Statement 2014 31 January 2015 11 November 2014
Annual Information Statement 2013 31 March 2014 22 October 2013
Financial Report 2013 No due date Not required


Title Date Reporting Year Download
Annual Report 3 December 2020 2020 Download
Annual Report 5 December 2019 2019 Download
Annual Report 11 February 2019 2018 Download
Governing Document 26 August 2014 Download


The charity's subtype history

Purpose Start Date End Date
Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) 1 January 2014
2012 Another purpose beneficial to the community 3 December 2012 31 December 2013
2012 Public benevolent institution 3 December 2012 31 December 2013

Registration status history

Effective Date Status
3 December 2012 Registered

Enforcement action history

There have been no enforcements for this charity.