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General community in Australia
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17 April 2019
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31 January 2020
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+ Maintaining and updating an educational website (www.newvote.org.au); + Creating and trailing a democracy app for the purposes of educating the public on political-related issues; + Speaking at events to educate the public about democracy, for example: - at Newkind Festival in 2017, 2018 and (scheduled for) 2019; - at the Australian Digital Democracy Forum in 2017; - at the Digital Democracy Forum in 2018; - at Renewfest panel “Democracy on Trial” in 2018; and - at Woodford Folk Festival 2017/18 “Future Democracy” lecture. + Interviews on podcasts, for example: - Coffee Chats with Matt Collins “NewVote”, - Binge Thinking “Direct Democracy”; and - Uncommon by Nueralle “Digital Democracy”. + Obtaining research funding, for example, we are a ‘supporting partner’ of the Commonwealth Research Collaboration called Future Cities which is currently shortlisted. + Establishing relationships with external organisations in furtherance of our purpose of advancing education, for example, the Memorandum of Understanding with Democracy International.

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Annual Report 17 April 2019 2018 Download
Governing Document 20 February 2019 Download


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Advancing education 10 November 2016
Advancing public debate (promoting or opposing a change to any matter established by law, policy or practice in the Commonwealth, a state, territory or another country) 10 November 2016

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10 November 2016 Registered

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There have been no enforcements for this charity.