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Also known as
Transforming Training
Kingdom Kids Early Learning
Marrara Christian College
Sattler Christian College
Sattler Christian College Early Learning Centre
Gawa Christian School
Marrara Christian School
Northern Territory Christian College
Woolaning Homeland Christian College
Mapuru Christian School
Nhulunbuy Christian College
FAST NT (Families and Schools Together)
Araluen Christian College
Palmerston Christian School
Unit 1, Strath Village 43 Berrimah Road
Karama NT 0813
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Who the charity helps
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Children - aged 6 to under 15
Youth - 15 to under 25
Early childhood - aged under 6
Date established
Last reported
29 June 2018
Next report due
30 June 2019
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Summary of activities

NT Christian Schools seeks to provide education, training and care in faithful response to the Gospel of Christ by: Partnering with Christian parents to help them fulfill their mandate of educating their children in Christ; Supporting all parents who choose Christian education for their children; Developing, building and maintaining Christian schools; Assisting every school community to provide the highest quality education from a Biblical perspective, so that students are educated within a Christian worldview; Promoting Christian education in the Territory and beyond; Providing opportunities for vocational training, both through the organisations own entities and in collaboration with other organisations; Developing a wide range of partnerships that support the achievement of the vision and mission

Where the charity operates


Department of Education and Training (DET)

Financials & Documents

Annual reporting

Title Due Date Date received Download
Financial Report 2020 30 June 2021 Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2020 30 June 2021 Not yet submitted
Financial Report 2019 30 June 2020 Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2019 30 June 2020 Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2018 30 June 2019 Not yet submitted
Financial Report 2018 No due date Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2017 30 June 2018 29 June 2018
Financial Report 2017 No due date 29 June 2018
Annual Information Statement 2016 30 June 2017 30 June 2017
Financial Report 2016 No due date 30 June 2017
Annual Information Statement 2015 30 June 2016 9 June 2016
Financial Report 2015 No due date Not required
Annual Information Statement 2014 30 June 2015 16 June 2015
Financial Report 2014 No due date 16 June 2015
Annual Information Statement 2013 30 June 2014 21 July 2014
Financial Report 2013 No due date Not required


Title Date Reporting Year Download
Governing Document 21 May 2015 Download


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The charity's subtype history

Purpose Start Date End Date
Advancing education 1 January 2014
2012 Advancement of education 3 December 2012 31 December 2013

Registration status history

Effective Date Status
3 December 2012 Registered

Enforcement action history

There have been no enforcements for this charity.