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Also known as
The Infants' Home Ashfield
The Infants' Home
The Infants' Home Child and Family Services
The Infants' Home 17 Henry Street
Ashfield NSW 2131
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Who the charity helps
Early childhood - aged under 6
Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers
People with disabilities
People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
Last reported
31 May 2018
Next report due
30 June 2019
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Summary of activities

The Infants Home goal is to provide positive and lasting social change within the community by supporting the development and growth of children and their families, especially those that are vulnerable, through integrated early childhood education and care, early intervention and clinical health support services.The Infants Home is the largest provider of integrated early childhood services in NSW, is the prime provider of integrated care for children at risk in the Inner West, and is nationally recognised for excellence. Operating for over 143 years, in 2017 our services were accessed by over 2,500 children (from birth to school age) and their families. 30% of our onsite services are targeted tosupport children at risk, including from neglect, domestic violence, economic hardship, physical disability, mental health challenges, relationship breakdown, complex nutritional needs and other vulnerabilities.The Infants Home is a proven agent of positive social change. By integrating services we address complex issues in a coordinated manner to improve long-term educational and social outcomes for both children and families.Since our inception over 140 years ago we have challenged conventional wisdom to protect children at risk and strengthen families living with vulnerabilities, so they can break the cycles of hardship, fear and hopelessness that affects so many lives. We were one of the first in New South Wales to pioneer a range of care options to meet the needs of young children and their families. The Infants Home is a proven agent of positive social change. Over time, we have supported more than 190,000 children and families to build new futures for themselves. We have achieved this by providing physical and emotional environments that are socially just and equitable, free of any stigma, and that value the rights of children and families.

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Financial Report 2018 30 June 2019 Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2018 30 June 2019 Not yet submitted
Financial Report 2017 30 June 2018 31 May 2018
Annual Information Statement 2017 30 June 2018 31 May 2018
Financial Report 2016 30 June 2017 19 June 2017
Annual Information Statement 2016 30 June 2017 19 June 2017
Financial Report 2015 30 June 2016 2 June 2016
Annual Information Statement 2015 30 June 2016 2 June 2016
Financial Report 2014 30 June 2015 19 June 2015
Annual Information Statement 2014 30 June 2015 19 June 2015
Annual Information Statement 2013 30 June 2014 23 June 2014
Financial Report 2013 No due date Not required


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Governing Document 25 June 2013 Download


The charity's subtype history

Purpose Start Date End Date
Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) 1 January 2014
Advancing health 1 January 2014
Advancing social or public welfare 1 January 2014
Promoting reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between groups of individuals that are in Australia 1 January 2014
Promoting or protecting human rights 1 January 2014
Purposes beneficial to the general public that may reasonably be regarded as analogous to, or within the spirit of, any of the other charitable purposes 1 January 2014
2012 Another purpose beneficial to the community 3 December 2012 31 December 2013
2012 Public benevolent institution 3 December 2012 31 December 2013

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3 December 2012 Registered

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There have been no enforcements for this charity.