Promote your charity’s commitment to transparency

The Registered Charity Tick was developed by the ACNC as a way for registered charities to promote their presence on the Charity Register. We encourage charities to display the Tick to promote their commitment to being transparent, accountable and well-run.

Who can use the Registered Charity Tick?

You must be a registered charity to display the Registered Charity Tick. Charities can use the Tick on their websites, signs, collection tins, letters, brochures and more. We have been told its even on the move, with one charity putting it on their van!

We encourage charities to hyperlink the Tick to their listing on the Charity Register where possible, so donors can easily confirm the charity is registered with the ACNC.

Charities that are overdue in providing us their yearly reporting, or charities we have taken compliance action against, are not eligible to download the Registered Charity Tick.

Registered charities can download the Registered Charity Tick through the Charity Portal.

Click on your charity name under 'Select charity' and then click 'Registered Charity Tick'.

Instances of misuse of the Registered Charity Tick (for example, where organisations falsely present themselves as registered charities) will be monitored by the ACNC and we will act to prevent misuse.

If you have concerns about an organisation’s use of the Registered Charity Tick, please email us at