Look for the Registered Charity Tick when donating

The Registered Charity Tick was developed by the ACNC so donors could easily identify registered charities. We encourage charities to display the Tick to promote their commitment to being transparent, accountable and well run.

Why should I look for the Tick?

Only registered charities can display the Registered Charity Tick. If you see the Tick, it means the charity is listed on the Charity Register and is regulated by the ACNC.

We encourage people to look up charities on the Register before donating.

The Register has information about charities’ operations including who runs it, how they spend their money, if they are up to date with their reporting and if any compliance action has been taken against them.

Registered charities that wish to use the Tick must:

  • submit their Annual Information Statement within six months of the due date - unless an extension has been granted - and
  • meet all other obligations to maintain their registration status with the ACNC.

If a registered charity has not filed its Annual Information Statement as required by the ACNC, or is the subject of an enforcement power under the ACNC Act which is published on the ACNC Register, it will not be permitted to download the Registered Charity Tick.

Instances of misuse of the Registered Charity Tick (for example, where organisations falsely present themselves as registered charities) will be monitored by the ACNC which will act to prevent misuse.

If you have concerns about an organisation’s use of the Registered Charity Tick, please email us at charitytick@acnc.gov.au