alert icon If your charity has an overdue Annual Information Statement, you must submit it immediately in the Charity Portal.

When is the Annual Information Statement due?

The Annual Information Statement (AIS) is due at different times for different charities. The due date depends on a charity's reporting period.

A charity's AIS and financial report (if required) must be submitted within six months of the end of the charity’s reporting period.

The two most common reporting due dates are:

  • 31 December for charities that report to a regular financial year (1 July to 30 June)
  • 30 June for charities that report to a calendar year (1 January to 31 December).

Use the table below as guide to Annual Information Statement due dates. These dates apply to individual charities as well as ACNC-approved reporting groups.

Charity's reporting period

Due date for the 2021 AIS

1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

31 January 20221

1 August 2020 to 31 July 2021

31 January 2022

1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021

28 February 2022

1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021

31 March 2022

1 November 2020 to 31 October 2021

30 April 2022

1 December 2020 to 30 November 2021

31 May 2022

1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021

30 June 2022

1 February 2021 to 31 January 2022

31 July 2022
1 March 2021 to 28 February 2022

31 August 2022

1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

30 September 2022

1 May 2021 to 30 April 2022

31 October 2022

1 June 2021 to 31 May 2022

30 November 2022

1 For charities that report to a regular 1 July to 30 June financial year, the Commissioner extended the deadline to submit the 2021 AIS to 31 January 2022.

You can check the due date for your charity’s Annual Information Statement on the ACNC Charity Register.

Different reporting periods

The standard ACNC reporting period is the financial year, 1 July to 30 June.

If your charity uses a different reporting period, you need to formally request to use this for the charity's Annual Information Statement. And we need to approve this request.

You only need to request a different reporting period once, though. You do not need to submit a new request each year.

alert icon Request a reporting period other than the financial year (1 July - 30 June) in the Charity Portal.

Newly registered charity

If your charity was registered within three months of the end of its reporting period, there are two options for submitting an Annual Information Statement. Either:

  • submit an Annual Information Statement that reports on the time left in the charity’s current reporting period (which would be 3 months or less), or
  • wait until the next reporting period and submit an Annual Information Statement that reports on the 12-15 months that the charity has been registered.

For example, if the end of your charity’s reporting period is 30 June 2021, and it was registered with the ACNC on 5 April 2021, you can either:

  • submit an Annual Information Statement that reports on the period 5 April 2021 – 30 June 2021 (2 months and 26 days), or
  • submit an Annual Information Statement that reports on the period 5 April 2021 – 30 June 2022 (14 months and 26 days).

If you choose to report for 3 months or less:

  • the financial information you provide can be for the full year or for just the period the charity has been operating
  • the charity will be able to report a standard 12-month period in the following year.

alert iconIf a charity was operating prior to its registration date, we will accept financial information for that entire reporting period (even though the charity was only registered for part of it).