Work through the steps below when progressing through your charity's audit or review process.

Appoint a reviewer or auditor

  • Start early to allow time for the reviewer or auditor to perform their work
  • Ask other charities for advice and recommendations
  • Ensure the person is independent of the organisation
  • Check they are appropriately qualified
  • Make sure you are getting value for money

Prepare for your review or audit

Your charity can make the review or audit process easier by:

  • recording any accounting problems recognised before the review/audit
  • trying to fix these problems and, if they cannot be fixed before, writing a plan on how your charity will fix them
  • asking the reviewer/auditor to provide your charity with a schedule of the review/audit before they start, outlining what they need from the charity and when they plan to do the review/audit
  • contacting them before the audit/review to clarify any points you are uncertain about
  • providing them with some desk space and scheduling time for people to meet with them
  • informing all staff about the review/audit and what is expected from staff.

Get the most out of your review or audit

The review or audit is a good opportunity for your charity to improve its accounting and administrative systems. Do not be worried if the reviewer or auditor finds areas to improve in your charity’s accounting processes and systems. This is common. To get the most out of this process by:

  • asking the reviewer/ auditor about areas where your charity could improve
  • talking to the reviewer/ auditor about any problems they find
  • developing a plan to fix the problems
  • providing the reviewer/ auditor with a copy of the plan and ask for feedback
  • sharing the learning from the review/ audit with all staff.

Removing a reviewer or auditor

  • Take time to make a decision – make sure you no longer want to retain the auditor or reviewer
  • Check your charity's governing document and policies and procedures – you may have a process that your charity needs to follow
  • If you are a charity incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Act has specific requirements for the appointment and removal of an auditor that apply.