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The ACNC's Forward Together podcasts set out to inform and educate Australia's Returned & Services Leagues (RSLs) - the branches, sub-branches and those who serve as directors or in leadership roles - on a number of topics relevant to the day-to-day activities of their organisations.

In them, the ACNC's own experts are joined by those representing the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Governance Institute of Australia to discuss a range of topics aimed at helping RSLs ensure they are doing the right thing.

This includes them meeting their responsibilities as registered charities while continuing their great work for veterans, their families and the wider community in a way that enhances the public's trust and confidence in what they do.

In the first episode of Forward Together, long time ACNC Director of Compliance Prue Monument explains why this series of podcasts is important for RSLs, and then looks at:

  • RSLs' obligations to the ACNC as registered charities
  • good governance, proper oversight and the ACNC Governance Standards
  • the importance of good culture
  • RSLs, charitable funds and spending,

Listen to the episode by clicking on the play button below.

For Episode 2 of the Forward Together podcast we are joined by Philip Thomas, representing the Governance Institute of Australia.

In it, we examine the role of the board in the context of RSL branches and sub-branches.

We look at the responsibilities boards have, as well as the responsibilities of individual board members. The podcast provides an overview of:

  • board composition, conduct and performance
  • board meetings
  • the board and organisational direction
  • the role of boards and board members in scrutinising decisions and asking questions.

Listen to the episode by clicking on the play button below.

Episode 3 of Forward Together focusses the important issue of conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interest are common in the charity sector, and amongst RSLs. While conflicts of interest aren't a problem in and of themselves, they do need to be properly and responsibly managed.

Joining us for this episode of the podcast is ACNC Compliance Manager Ian Parry, who talks about the risks presented to RSLs by conflicts of interest, as well as practical steps that can be taken to address these risks.

Listen to the episode by clicking on the play button below.

The final episode of Forward Together looks at several tax-related matters relevant to RSLs.

Faith Hughes, from the Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) superannuation employer obligations team, joins the podcast to examine a number of different allowances and payments RSLs may encounter, as well as how the ATO views them and distinguishes between them.

The ATO has a number of useful resources covering the topics discussed in the podcast:

Listen to the episode by clicking on the play button below.