Fundraising in New South Wales (NSW) is regulated by NSW Fair Trading.

Charitable fundraising

NSW Fair Trading regulates charitable fundraising activities under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 (NSW), and Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2015 (NSW).

Under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 (NSW), soliciting or receiving money, property or other benefits constitute a “fundraising appeal” if the appeal is for a charitable purpose or for the support of an organisation having a charitable object.

NSW Fair Trading has provided a comprehensive definition of ‘fundraising appeal’ and ‘charitable purpose’.

Note: NSW Fair Trading’s definition of charitable purpose may differ from the legal definition of charity the ACNC applies when registering organisations as charities at the federal level.

To fundraise in NSW an organisation needs to meet one of the following:

  • obtain an authority to fundraise
  • enter into an arrangement with the holder of an authority to fundraise on that holder’s behalf.

Individuals who want to participate in charitable fundraising need to complete one of the following steps:

  • obtain authority from a licence holder to fundraise on its behalf
  • individually apply for an authority.

Additional information about the conditions and process for obtaining a fundraising authority can be found on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Some individuals and organisations are exempt from the requirement to obtain an authority to fundraise. These exemptions may include:

  • certain religious organisations
  • an organisation or person that receives less than $15,000 in a financial year from fundraising (small fundraisers)
  • local councils
  • trusts with a local council as a trustee
  • universities.

Charities with an authority to fundraise must follow a specific set of rules.

The NSW Government maintains a public register of licences. For more details on charitable fundraising, visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

Community gaming

NSW Fair Trading also regulates community gaming under the Community Gaming Act 2018 (NSW) and the Community Gaming Regulation 2020 (NSW).

Community gaining includes housie, bingo, lotteries, sweeps, raffles and Calcutta events.

For more information, visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

Please note: This fact sheet is an overview of fundraising laws and regulations in NSW, not a complete guide. For more information about fundraising laws and regulations in NSW, please consult the relevant regulatory agencies.