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The ACNC corporate plan for 2023–24 has been published with some new and expanded performance measures as well as a focus on reducing the overall regulatory burden on charities.

ACNC Commissioner Sue Woodward AM said, “This year we have updated our strategic priorities and changed our performance measures to better reflect the work we do. New measures have been added to capture the breadth of the work we will undertake to achieve our purposes, and for existing measures, we have been more specific about how we will hold ourselves accountable.

“The plan clearly links our purposes to key activities that are measurable. It’s critical that we are transparent and accountable, that’s our obligation.

“We also have a role to play in ensuring other regulators and government are aware of how charities will be affected by any legislative changes or new obligations. Minor changes can have an amplified effect on charities because they often have fewer resources than other businesses and organisations, and the majority operate on minimal revenue.

“In my first year as Commissioner, I am committed to making a difference to the operating environment for charities by reducing red tape and by making it easy for them to meet their ACNC reporting obligations.

“In the wider world, we can maintain public trust in charities by demonstrating they are well regulated and that they take their commitments to the community seriously. We support transparency by publishing their information including the details of their leaders and their financial status.”

Read our 2023–24 Corporate Plan.