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Charity representatives, advisers to the charity sector and people with relevant experience are invited to join the ACNC Consultation Panel.

The Consultation Panel was established this year to provide feedback on new or proposed ACNC guidance, forms or policies.

Assistant Commissioner Anna Longley said consulting with the sector ensures the ACNC is equipped to make informed decisions.

“We want to know how charities, their board members, employees and representatives understand the impacts of our regulation, and if we explain it clearly in our guidance and forms. Consulting with the sector ensures that we understand different points of view,” Ms Longley said.

“All panel members need is experience in or knowledge of the charity sector. The time commitment involved is entirely up to each panel member, so it is a very flexible opportunity. When we have a matter we wish to seek input on, we will email you. You do not have to respond to every request we send. What you choose to respond to and how much time you spend on it is up to you, and you can stop being involved any time you wish.”

More information about the Consultation Panel is available here.

If you are interested in joining, please email providing your name, organisation, contact details and experience in the charity sector.

As outlined in the Stakeholder Engagement Framework, the ACNC is committed to engaging with, and being responsive to, the charities we regulate and other stakeholders.