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The ACNC has welcomed submissions as part of a consultation on advice relating to two charity subtypes — Public Benevolent Institutions and Health Promotion Charities.

As part of a rolling review of all Commissioner’s Interpretation Statements, the ACNC is currently consulting on two updated drafts — the Public Benevolent Institutions CIS and the Health Promotion Charities CIS — to ensure they are clear and accurately reflect the law.

ACNC acting Commissioner Deborah Jenkins said there is still an opportunity to make a submission.

“Sector stakeholders make a significant contribution to our work, and while the due date was 30 August, if they need a little more time to submit feedback on the updated draft statements, they just need to contact us and let us know.

“Commissioner’s Interpretation Statements guide charities and the public on how we understand the law that applies to charities. These two updated statements are important as they outline how we understand the laws that apply to charities registered with us as Public Benevolent Institutions and Health Promotion Charities,” Ms Jenkins said.

“We aim to ensure the statements are clear and helpful to meet the needs of charities and key stakeholders. Consultation is critical to achieving that.”

The ACNC will thoroughly review all submissions and publish a comprehensive summary of matters raised.

“It is likely, based on feedback received so far, that we will need to undertake further targeted consultation once we have had a chance to consider all of the feedback.”

All contributors and stakeholders will be kept updated about progress of the updated CISs in coming months. Until the updated CISs have been finalised charities can continue to rely on the existing version.

To comment, or to seek more information, please email