The ACNC has notified hundreds of Australian charities their registration could be revoked.

Close to 750 charities across every state and territory are at risk of losing registration because they have failed to submit two or more Annual Information Statements to the ACNC.

Assistant Commissioner General Counsel Anna Longley said submitting an Annual Information Statement each reporting period is a critical compliance matter, and there are consequences once registration is revoked.

“Those responsible for running charities must make it a priority to comply with this crucial obligation. Once a charity's registration is revoked, it will no longer receive Commonwealth charity tax concessions or other benefits as a registered charity,” Ms Longley said.

“Some of the data that charities provide in their Annual Information Statements is published on the Charity Register. The Australian community uses the Register to verify a charity’s details. It is viewed millions of times each year. Maintaining the Register is a core part of our work to help maintain transparency and confidence in the charity sector.”

Ms Longley said it is likely many of the charities that have failed to submit two or more Annual Information Statements are no longer operating.

If a charity is no longer operating or has been wound up, it should request its ACNC registration be revoked, via a request form in the Charity Portal.

If a charity wants to avoid having its registration revoked, it must submit its outstanding Annual Information Statements. Outstanding statements from 2017 onwards can be lodged via the Charity Portal. To complete AIS forms prior to 2017, contact the ACNC on 13 22 62.

The 2021 AIS can be completed here and information on how to complete the AIS can be found here.