The ACNC has released a Decision Impact Statement in response to an Administrative Appeals Tribunal decision about Global Citizen Ltd (GCL).

Global Citizen Ltd applied to the ACNC to add the subtype of Public Benevolent Institution (PBI)  to its existing charity registration. A PBI is a type of charitable institution that has a main purpose of providing benevolent relief to people in need.

The application was refused, and the  ACNC Commissioner upheld that decision on objection. The Tribunal determined that GCL was entitled to registration as a PBI.

In reaching its decision, the Tribunal found that GCL had only one purpose – the relief of global poverty – and that it engaged in educational and advocacy activities to achieve that purpose.

It also found that if GCL’s education and advocacy activities could be viewed as purposes, then they were incidental and ancillary to its main purpose of the relief of poverty.

The ACNC Decision Impact Statement – Global Citizen Ltd, published today, provides a detailed response to the Tribunal decision.

Assistant Commissioner General Counsel Anna Longley said, “We accept the Tribunal’s decision, which was based on the specific facts of this case.”

“We look forward to further opportunities to clarify the law about PBIs, particularly on matters on which the Tribunal did not reach a concluded view, including the meaning of the term ‘main purpose’,” she said.

As a result of this decision, the ACNC will update guidance on PBIs, including the Commissioner’s Interpretation Statement: Public Benevolent Institutions.

Read the full ACNC Decision Impact Statement here.