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Charities are making the most of a new opportunity to showcase their work to donors, supporters and the broader public on the ACNC Charity Register.

They can provide details about up to ten programs, the location in which they are delivered and the people who benefit, when they complete the 2020 the Annual Information Statement.

This innovation aims to transform the ACNC Charity Register into a more effective tool for charities and those who seek to work with and support them. The general public – including donors, philanthropists, grant-makers and volunteers – will be able to search for charities based on the work they want to support in the location of their choice.

The Australian Photographic Society is one charity that has maximised this new, free promotional opportunity, listing seven programs, including exhibition and award programs. Secretary, Stella Fava said promotion is very important for her charity.

‘APS is a unique organisation in the photographic community and we strive for the widest exposure possible. It’s the key way we engage with stakeholders and attract more photographers to join the organisation,’ she said.

‘Filling in our program information was really simple, and our profile is neatly and attractively laid out on the ACNC Charity Register.

‘I think most charities would see this as a good way to promote their programs, and get more support.’

To make the most of the chance to showcase your charity’s work, make sure you provide detailed information about your charity’s programs when completing the 2020 Annual Information Statement. The ACNC Charity Register is the largest and most comprehensive charity database in Australia, bringing together information about more than 58,000 registered Australian charities.

In the last financial year, there were more that 3.2 million searches of the Charity Register, demonstrating its value as a resource. It is anticipated that number will grow once people can search for programs that interest them.