Hundreds of charities are at risk of losing their registration this year because they have failed to complete their annual reporting to the ACNC.

More than 700 charities have been notified by the ACNC that their registration could be revoked because they have failed to submit two or more Annual Information Statements.

Acting Commissioner Deborah Jenkins said it is critical that charities submit their Annual Information Statements each reporting period to meet their obligations to remain registered.

“Those responsible for running charities must make it a priority to comply with this crucial obligation. Once a charity's registration is revoked, it will no longer receive Commonwealth charity tax concessions or other benefits as a registered charity,” Ms Jenkins said.

All charities registered with the ACNC must meet certain obligations to maintain their registration. These obligations include reporting to the ACNC annually, notifying the ACNC of certain changes and carrying on activities consistent with the charitable purposes of the charity.

Ms Jenkins said that it is likely many of the charities that have failed to submit two or more Annual Information Statements are no longer operating.

“We understand that many of these charities may have merged with other organisations or have stopped operating due to COVID, but it is essential that charities no longer operating notify us,” she said.

“If a charity is no longer operating or has been wound up, it should request its ACNC registration be revoked, via a request form in the Charity Portal.

“Having a Charity Register that is up to date with good quality data is really important not only to the ACNC but to the community so that we can all understand the size and health of this incredibly important sector.”

To avoid having its registration revoked, a charity that has been notified of outstanding statements must submit its outstanding Annual Information Statements. Outstanding statements from 2017 onwards can be lodged via the Charity Portal. To complete AIS forms prior to 2017, contact the ACNC on 13 22 62.

* This article was updated on 12 October 2022 at 5:20pm (Syd/Melb time)