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Episode 8: Can charities get involved in advocacy?

In our latest episode of Charity Chat, Assistant Commissioner Murray Baird is back to explain the concept of advocacy and discuss some of the do's and don'ts for registered charities.

He provides some examples of legitimate advocacy, clarifies the difference between a charity’s activities and its overarching purpose, and even describes the types of activities that may lead to a charity being found to have a disqualifying political purpose.

For people involved in charities, or for anyone with an interest in the boundaries of advocacy for charities, this episode of Charity Chat is an important listen.

Episode 7: Are charities getting the most out of their boards?

In case you missed it, our previous episode features the Commissioner of the ACNC, Susan Pascoe AM, discussing the importance of investing in a charity’s board.

Commissioner Pascoe talks about the benefits of spending time and money on the capacity of a board.

She touches on some of the ways charities can do this and attempts to dispel the misguided perception that charities cannot use funds for board development.

Being an important aspect of good charity governance, this topic is one that charity board members should consider carefully. The Charity Chat podcast discussion is an excellent overview of the topic and a great way to help frame your understanding.

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