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It was my pleasure to this week welcome international guests to the ACNC office. Dr Ang Hak Seng, the recently-appointed Commissioner of Charities in Singapore, and his team joined us in Melbourne for a two-day workshop, discussing the challenges of charity regulation in the Asia-Pacific.

This visit was a wonderful opportunity to meet, share resources and insights with Dr Ang and his team, learning from their own challenges and successes whilst sharing our own achievements as a relatively young regulatory body.

I would like to thank Dr Ang and his team for visiting, and we look forward to working with them in future.


Errors in 2017 Annual information Statements

As part of our data integrity work, we check submitted Annual Information Statements for errors.

We have started contacting 600 charities that have made errors in their 2017 Annual Information Statement. If you recently received an email from us, you must submit a corrected Annual Information Statement – information on how to do this is contained in the email you received.

It is important that charities provide accurate and up-to-date information so that donors can make informed choices.

Further information about our data integrity work can be found on the ACNC website.

For those who have yet to submit a 2017 Annual Information Statement, we have various guidance materials to ensure that you do not make an error when submitting your Annual Information Statement. Visit the 2017 AIS Hub at

109 double defaulter charities lose charity status

More than 100 charities who failed to report to the national charity regulator for two years, known as double defaulters, have lost their charity status. These charities have now lost their entitlement to claim charity tax concessions.

Submitting an Annual Information Statement is a legislative requirement to maintaining charity status. It is also an important element in maintaining transparency and accountability in Australia’s charity sector.

The 109 charities that have been revoked were not able to be contacted directly by the ACNC, despite several attempts to do so. As they have failed to meet the requirements of registration, these charities have now lost their charity status.

More information about double defaulters can be found on the ACNC website at

New Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet

The ACNC has recently entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet (PM&C). The agreement will allow the ACNC and PM&C to share information and collaborate on relevant projects in order to reduce unnecessary regulatory obligations for Australia’s charities.

The ACNC has entered into MOUs with a variety of key agencies including the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and more. These MOUs allow the ACNC to demonstrate its commitment to information sharing, and encourage transparency in our dealings with other agencies.

The ACNC’s MOUs are available online at

Upcoming AASB consultations on special purpose financial reports

The Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) is currently in the process of undertaking consultation with a range of stakeholders, in relation to special purpose financial statements. Roundtable discussions will be held in five capital cities in early May:

  • Melbourne – Monday 14 May
  • Sydney – Thursday 17 May
  • Brisbane – Friday 18 May
  • Adelaide – Monday 21 May
  • Perth – Tuesday 22 May

For more information about the consultation or to register for a roundtable, visit the AASB website.

Best Wishes

The Hon Dr Gary Johns

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