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The national charity regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), has revoked the charity status of Diwan Al Dawla following an investigation. test

Revocation of charity status takes away the organisation’s Commonwealth charity tax concessions including income tax exemption, fringe benefits tax rebates and goods and services tax concessions.

Diwan Al Dawla was registered by the ACNC on 21 October 2016 with the purpose of advancing religion and social or public welfare.

The investigation into the charity was completed on 13 December 2018, with the decision to revoke charity status effective from 8 November 2018.

The revocation is reflected on the Charity Register, but the ACNC is prevented from publishing the findings from investigations, or the nature of the concerns due to secrecy provisions in the ACNC Act.

ACNC Commissioner, the Hon Dr Gary Johns, said revocation of charity status was reserved from the most serious of cases.

“No charity is above the law,” Dr Johns said.

“The ACNC is here to ensure charities do the right thing. When concerns are reported to us, we take them seriously. We investigate and take appropriate action.

“Revocation of charity status is the most serious action the ACNC can take.

“By revoking Diwan Al Dawla’s charity registration, the organisation is no longer able to access Commonwealth charity tax concessions.”

If members of the public have concerns about a charity, they’re encouraged to raise them via the ACNC website

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