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Hundreds of charities are at risk of losing their ACNC charity registration because they have failed to submit two or more Annual Information Statements.

Charities registered with the ACNC must submit an Annual Information Statement every reporting period, unless they have an exception.

Once a charity's registration is revoked, it will no longer receive Commonwealth charity tax concessions or other benefits as a registered charity.

ACNC Commissioner, Dr Gary Johns said those responsible for running charities, such as board or committee members, must make it a priority to comply with this crucial obligation.

“As the charity sector regulator, we regard submission of Annual Information Statements as a critical compliance matter. Some of the information charities provide in their AIS is published on our Charity Register, and that is an important way that we help maintain transparency and confidence in the sector,” Dr Johns said.

Charities can complete the 2020 AIS here. Information on completing the AIS can be found here.

If a charity is no longer operating or has been wound up, it should request that its registration with the ACNC be revoked. To do this, charities need to log in to the ACNC Charity Portal, go to Manage other charity details, and complete the form to have the charity registration revoked.