Charities can now update details about their programs on the ACNC Charity Portal any time, to showcase their work to donors and other potential supporters.

ACNC Commissioner the Hon Dr Gary Johns said, “Our Register has been revolutionised by the inclusion of charity program data, but up until now this has been done on an annual basis through the Annual Information Statement (AIS). To attain the maximum potential of this function, we needed charities to be able to update their programs in real time.”

He said the ability to update charity programs outside the AIS increased the usefulness of the program data and enabled charities to keep their information current.

“If charities develop a new program to respond to an emerging issue, a change of strategy, a crisis or disaster, they can now add this to their record on the ACNC Register,” Dr Johns said, “which we highly recommend as it brings their work to millions of Register visitors.”

“Donors, volunteers and philanthropists have endorsed the Register, and our visitor numbers continue to climb. It is one of the most effective ways for a charity to showcase its work and to reach key groups, including funders and grant makers.”

“We are decentralising data to arm the sector to make more informed decisions.

“At key times, Government and other funders are looking to identify charities providing services to particular groups and they now will be able to use the Register for these types of searches. Charities can ensure they are found by providing the latest program data.”

“Importantly, it is also an indicator of charity transparency. We urge charities to keep their program information updated.”

Charities can find the form by logging into the Charity Portal, selecting their charity, then selecting 'Manage other charity details', then select the icon for 'changing your charity's program'.