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Promote your charity’s work by including the location details of your charity’s programs when you submit the Annual Information Statement.

ACNC data shows, to date, charities have reported more than 55,000 programs in their 2020 Annual Information Statements. That information is now published on the ACNC Charity Register allowing it to be seen by potential donors, funding bodies, volunteers and the public.

Later this year an enhanced geosearch feature will be implemented on the Charity Register that will enable users to search for programs by location.

We urge charities to be as specific as possible when they submit location details for each program in their AIS, for example, specifying the suburb or address in which they provide services, rather than the state only (unless the service is provided statewide).

This is a tool you can use to preview the section of the 2020 Annual Information Statement that asks for information about programs and locations.

Previously, your charity has answered generic questions about the location of operations for reporting purposes. Charities are now being asked to list specific programs and where they are located. This enhancement will allow your charity to promote those programs to donors, recipients or volunteers with an interest in that particular activity or program. Providing a specific address, where relevant, will help those programs to be found.

While the Charity Register was searched 3.2 million times last financial year, it is anticipated that number will grow once people can search for charities which provide the type of program they would like to support, in the state, suburb or other specific location most suited to their aims and purposes.