The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has revoked the registrations of 420 Australian charities that have failed to submit two or more required Annual Information Statements.

ACNC Assistant Commissioner Anna Longley said the organisations are no longer eligible for certain Commonwealth tax concessions that are only available to registered charities.

“It is important that we keep the ACNC Charity Register up to date and accurate,” Ms Longley said. “Many revoked organisations are likely no longer operating.”

“The Charity Register is searched millions of times each year which shows its value for donors and for anyone who needs to check a charity’s credentials, or other information such as its main activities and an overview of its finances.

“As the regulator, we need to ensure that if a charity has ceased operating or is not meeting its reporting obligations it does not retain registration, and is removed from the Register. Data on the Register is mainly collected from charities’ Annual Information Statements, and we regard timely submission as a priority.”

In August, more than 600 charities were notified that they risked being struck off the Charity Register.

“We take steps to allow charities that are still active to have every opportunity to maintain registration,” Ms Longley said. “Some charities have since submitted their overdue statements, so they have retained registration and will continue to access generous Commonwealth charity tax concessions.”