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The ACNC Charity Register has new enhanced search features that will connect donors with charities more effectively.

You can now search for charities based on the type of program they deliver, by beneficiary group, or program location.

ACNC Commissioner Dr Gary Johns said the new search features have just gone live and vastly improve the Charity Register, making it an even greater resource for charities, as well as donors, philanthropists, grant-makers, governments, the media, volunteers and service users.

“You can now search for charities that offer various kinds of programs, whether it be housing services, animal rescue, disability support – whatever is of most interest to you or your organisation,” Dr Johns said.

“You can also seek out those that operate in a particular suburb, town or region. So you can look for local charities or those operating in a region that your organisation would like to support. You can view results in the form of a list or on a map. And of course, you can still search by entering a charity’s name or its ABN, just as you would have previously.

“The advantage for charities is that they can now be found more easily. There is greater detail about their services and activities which helps donors make informed decisions. They can also find potential partners and collaborators by searching for other charities in their field.

“We have done a lot of work to develop these additional features and it is very exciting that they are now available for everyone to use. However, development is continuing. Early next year we plan to expand and improve the search capability, so for example, you will be able to find programs delivered by Australian registered charities in other countries.

“I would encourage you to try the new search features and discover the new ways to make even better use of the Register. In the past year, it has been searched approximately five million times. There certainly is a growing awareness about its value, and we anticipate these new features will attract even more users and searches.”

Information on the Register is based on details charities submit in their Annual Information Statements. Charities are encouraged to include as much program detail as possible. Providing a specific location or catchment area for where each program is delivered in the Annual Information Statement will best take advantage of the new functionality, help programs to be found, and possibly boost support.