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The ACNC has published a new registration decision summary, outlining key factors it considered in determining an organisation’s eligibility to be registered as a charity, with the subtype of ‘advancing social or public welfare.’

The summary states a charity with a purpose of relieving what are known as ‘necessitous circumstances’ will be entitled to registration with that subtype.

It is the second resource to be developed as part of the Secrecy Reforms Project, which will see the ACNC put out more information about its regulatory and compliance activities to improve transparency and to educate the charity sector. Any details that could identify organisations are removed.

The first registration decision summary, published in December, outlines an application for charity registration by an organisation that was structured as a proprietary company limited by shares, commonly known as a ‘Pty Ltd’. Further summaries and other resources will be published this year.

Read more on the ACNC Secrecy Reforms Project page.