Areas the ACNC is not responsible for

We do not have the power to investigate every concern that is raised, particularly where the concern is outside our area of regulatory responsibility. Examples of some of these are below.

  • Fundraising
    We suggest you contact the fundraising regulator in your state or territory.
  • Internal disputes
    This includes disagreements between committee members within a charity, which are not a serious risk or do not breach the ACNC Act. In some states and territories there are free mediation services that may be able to help you resolve problems, such as the Victorian Dispute Settlement Centre. Find out more about dealing with internal disputes.
  • Contractual disputes between a charity and other organisations or individuals
    This includes tenders and purchases. Other government departments and agencies often look at this issue.
  • Quality of services a charity provides
    The agency you need to contact to raise a concern will be different, depending on the services being provided. For example, if you have concerns about how a charity provides health services you can contact your state or territory Health Services Commission.
  • Policies or actions of boards or directors that are within their powers
    If Responsible People (board or committee members, or trustees) are using their powers as set out in the charity’s governing documents, and the charity is ensuring that they are following their duties under the ACNC’s governance standards, then the ACNC has no power to investigate.
  • Employment issues such as unfair dismissal
    Often you can raise these kinds of concerns with the Fair Work Commission.