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ACNC forms can be signed by:

  • a Responsible Person – a member of your charity’s governing body, such as a board or committee member or trustee,
  • an Authorised Person – someone who holds a position in the charity that gives them authority to sign (such as a chief executive officer, chief financial officer, company secretary or other member of the senior management team )
  • an agent – someone authorised by the charity to sign (such as a lawyer or an accountant), or
  • another registered charity (‘lodging entity’ under the ACNC Act ) that can legally change the governing rules of the charity in relation to the topic covered by the form.

If you are signing a form as an agent, you must have written authorisation from the charity to do so.

Signing PDF forms

While most ACNC forms are submitted online in the Charity Portal, some requests or notifications require a separate PDF form to completed.

ACNC forms that are presented as PDFs can be electronically signed using different software packages and emailed directly to the ACNC. For more on how to sign using the most common software, see these external links:

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