A charity can apply to have certain information withheld from the Charity Register. There are limited circumstances in which the ACNC may agree to withhold a charity's information from publication. These circumstances include:

  • Where the information is commercially sensitive and publication could cause harm to the charity or a person
  • Where the information is inaccurate, or likely to confuse or mislead
  • Where the information is offensive
  • Where the information could endanger public safety, or
  • Any other circumstances prescribed by the ACNC regulations.

The ACNC may also decide not to publish details of any warnings we have issued to a charity if:

  • the information could cause harm to the charity or a person
  • the charity was not behaving in bad faith, and
  • the matter has been dealt with so that withholding the information will not conflict with our objects under the ACNC Act.

Even if a charity meets one or more of the above circumstances we may refuse to withhold or remove information where the public interest in displaying the information outweighs the likely adverse effect of that circumstance.

Private ancillary funds have additional circumstances under which they can also apply to withhold information.