The ACNC can decide not to publish a charity's information on the Charity Register – this is called 'withholding information'.

When we may withhold information

There are limited circumstances when we may withhold a charity’s information from the Register. Charities can apply to us to ask for information to be withheld in these circumstances. The ACNC Commissioner has discretion to withhold or remove information from the Register where the information:

  • is commercially sensitive and publication could cause harm to the charity or a person
  • is inaccurate, or likely to confuse or mislead
  • is offensive
  • could endanger public safety, or
  • is covered by ACNC regulations.

The ACNC may also decide not to publish details of any warnings we have issued to a charity if:

  • the information could cause harm to the charity or a person
  • the charity was not behaving in bad faith, and
  • the matter has been dealt with so that withholding the information will not conflict with our objects under the ACNC Act.

Even if a charity meets one or more of the above circumstances we may refuse to withhold or remove information where the public interest in displaying the information outweighs the likely adverse effect of that circumstance.

Private ancillary funds have additional circumstances under which they can also apply to withhold information.

Protecting private information

We are committed to protecting the confidential and sensitive information of charities in accordance with our privacy policy. We are also committed to protecting the personal information of individuals (such as responsible persons) in accordance with the law.

We never publish the contact details or date of birth of any responsible person of a charity (such as a board or committee member, or trustee) on the Register.

Public interest in publishing

We will always consider whether the public interest in having the information on the Register is greater than the likely effect of that circumstance.

Information about private ancillary funds

Under ACNC regulations, private ancillary funds (funds set up to provide money, property or benefits to deductible gift recipients – DGRs) that are registered charities can ask the ACNC to withhold information from the Register under additional grounds. This includes some funds that used to be called ‘income tax exempt funds’ (ITEFs). Generally, we will allow private ancillary funds to withhold their information if its publication is likely to identify individual donors.