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These tips will make filling out your 2017 Annual Information Statement easier by helping you avoid common mistakes that charities make when completing their form.

General Tips

1. Ensure you have completed previous years’ Annual Information Statements before starting your 2017 form

2. Check your financial year end

3. It is best to provide a generic charity address as your Address For Service email rather than your personal email

4. Use the Save button

5. Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory

6. Reporting as a Basic Religious Charity? Know the requirements

7. Ensure you select the right activities for your charity

8. Remember to provide financial information

9. Review your form before submission

10. Remember to hit the Submit button

Extra tips for medium and large charities

Medium charities must submit a financial report that is either reviewed or audited. Large charities must submit a financial report that is audited. Learn more about reviewed and audited financial reports.

The tips below are for medium and large charities.

1. Know your financial report type

2. Will you provide a consolidated financial report?

3. Make sure you attach all required documents

4. Preparing a special purpose financial statement? Remember the accounting standards

5. Preparing a general purpose financial statement? Check the completeness and quality of the related party disclosures


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Visit the About the Annual Information Statement page for an overview of the AIS process and information on complying with your reporting obligations to the ACNC.