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This checklist is for new charity Responsible People or Authorised People.

It outlines the steps you should take to ensure your charity’s details are up to date, you understand the obligations your charity has to the ACNC, and you have access to the charity in the ACNC Charity Portal.

You can use this checklist as part of your handover process.


Have someone else at your charity add you as a Responsible or Authorised Person

You will need someone at your charity who has access to the Charity Portal to add you. When they sign in to the Portal, they need to click on the charity name, then go to ‘Manage people’ and complete the form ‘Add Responsible Person’ or ‘Add Authorised Person’.

In the form, they will need to provide your details, including your email address. This is the same email you need to use when you set up your own Charity Portal account.

Set up your own Charity Portal account

It is important that you have your own account, under your own name and email address. Ensure your name and email matches the information provided in the ‘Add Responsible/Authorised Person’ form. You can follow our instructions for help signing up.

You cannot use the same account as someone else at the charity, even if they have left.

It's a good idea to ensure more than one person at your charity has access to the Portal.

Check your account is linked to your charity

If you have been added as a Responsible or Authorised Person, and your name and email matches, you should see your charity listed when you first sign in.

If you cannot see your charity, follow our instructions to link your account to your charity.

Confirm that your charity's Address For Service is up to date

Your charity’s Address For Service is the primary address where the ACNC sends all correspondence. It is important that this address is correct, otherwise your charity may miss important information and reporting reminders from the ACNC.

We recommend you use an email address that is accessible by more than one person at your charity.

You can check your charity’s Address For Service on the ACNC Charity Register.

To update your Address For Service, click on your charity name in the Portal, then go to ‘Manage other charity details’ and complete the form ‘Change your charity’s Address For Service’.

Check your charity's details

On the Register, you should also check your charity’s Responsible People, governing document and public contact information.

This information can be updated in the Portal.

Read and understand your charity's governing document

Your charity's governing document is the formal document that sets out its charitable purposes, that it operates on a not-for-profit basis, and outlines the way the governing body makes decisions and consults any members.

Your charity may refer to its governing document as the constitution, rules, or trust deed.

It is important to ensure all Responsible People understand the rules and processes that govern your charity.

Know when your Annual Information Statement is due, and if you need to have the financials reviewed or audited

All charities are required to submit an Annual Information Statement each year. You can see your charity’s financial year reporting period and the next due date on the Register.

Put a reminder in your charity’s calendar so you know when the Annual Information Statement is due.

You also need to be aware of the requirements to submit a financial report with the Annual Information Statement – this depends on your charity’s size.

Small charities only need to complete the Annual Information Statement. They can voluntarily provide a reviewed or audited financial report. In some cases, a charity’s governing document may include a requirement to submit a financial report to the ACNC.

Medium charities need to submit a financial report that has been either reviewed or audited.

Large charities need to submit an audited financial report.

Understand your ongoing obligations

Charites have ongoing obligations to the ACNC that you need to meet.

You can find more information in our Governance for Good guide, and by completing our Governing Charities online learning program.

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