Fundraising in Tasmania is regulated by the Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (CAFT), and the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission.

The Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading

The Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (CAFT) regulates fundraising activities in Tasmania under the Collections for Charities Act 2001 (Tas) and the Collections for Charities Regulations 2011 (Tas).These pieces of legislation contain rules for both the conduct of charities and the use of money raised.

The Collections for Charities Act 2011 (Tas) applies to anyone who asks a member of the public to make a donation for a charitable purpose in Tasmania (called ‘soliciting for a charitable purpose’). This includes money, goods or services donated or bequeathed.

CAFT maintains a public list of approved charities in Tasmania.

In Tasmania, collecting for a charitable purpose means any request for donations made in person, or by mail, fax, telephone, email, documents left on premises, or through the internet. It also includes any appeals through the media (newspaper, radio or television).

Note that the definition of charitable purpose applied by the CAFT may differ from the legal definition of charity applied by the ACNC to register organisations as charities at the federal level.

For more information, visit the CAFT website.

Fundraising Approvals

Approval to fundraise in Tasmania may be required for some individuals or organisations. These include:

  • incorporated organisation located outside of Tasmania
  • companies under the Corporations Act with a principal office located outside of Tasmania
  • unincorporated groups or associations in Tasmania, and
  • individuals (unless they are doing so on behalf of an organisation that has an approval or is exempt from the requirement to gain an approval.

The period of an approval will vary and will be stipulated when the approval is granted. There are some exemptions to the need for approval to fundraise. These include:

  • incorporated associations based in Tasmania
  • corporations with a principal office in Tasmania, and
  • an approved organisation or a member of a class of approved organisations (approval is given by the Governor).

There may be ongoing obligations to CAFT under fundraising laws in Tasmania (including financial reporting requirements).

For more information on fundraising approvals and the ongoing obligations of fundraisers in Tasmania, please visit the CAFT website.

Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission

The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission, established under the Gaming Control Act 1993 (Tas), is responsible for regulating any fundraising activities conducted through authorised games such as raffles. A permit may be required for certain gaming activities.

To find out more, visit the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission website or call (03) 6166 4040.

Please note: this fact sheet is an overview of fundraising laws and regulations in Tasmania, not a complete guide. For more information about fundraising laws and regulations in Tasmania, please consult the relevant regulatory agencies.