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The ACNC Sector Forum comprises representatives of a range of charities and peak bodies that signify the sector’s diversity. The Forum meets at least twice a year to raise and discuss issues of relevance for the charity sector.

Fundraising Institute Australia Chief Executive Officer Katherine Raskob said the organisation joined the forum, then called the Sector User Group, in 2019.

“We have appreciated the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the ACNC over the past three years. The mission of Fundraising Institute Australia is to advance professional, ethical, best-practice fundraising. Alignment with the regulator for charities is a critical underpinning in our mission and gives us a deeper understanding of the issues facing the not-for-profit sector, including FIA member charities in Australia. That in turn enables us to better serve the needs and interests of members and the broader sector, as well as to advance our mission,” Ms Raskob said.

ACNC Assistant Commissioner General Counsel Anna Longley said engaging with those affected by our work helps the ACNC make better decisions.

“We value the expertise and insights we gain from engagement with all our stakeholders. The charity sector contributes enormously to the Australian community, so ultimately it is the community that benefits,” Ms Longley said.

Beyond the Sector Forum, the ACNC conducts consultation with stakeholders in a range of ways. The Adviser Forum comprises professional advisers to the charity sector such as legal and accounting professionals, while through the Consultation Panel charities provide feedback from time to time, especially about proposed guidance. The ACNC’s annual Regulators Day is another avenue for consultation, as is participation at key conferences hosted by stakeholders throughout the year.

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